Benefits of Moisturizing Foam Soap and Men's Shave & Shower Foam

Have you heard about the benefits of Mrs. B's Moisturizing Foam Soap and Men's Shave & Shower Foam?

  •  All natural ingredients, no chemicals
  •  Hypoallergenic
  •  Sensitive skin safe
  •  Natural castile soap cleanses
  •  Grapeseed oil, vegetable glycerin, and vitamin E oil for moisture and promotion   of healthy skin.
  •  Safe to use on face, body, and hands (avoid eyes and do not ingest)
  •  Available with added pure essential oils for general use, men, and kids.
  •  Vegan friendly
  •  Gluten free
  •  Great for a close and smooth shave without razor bumps.
  •  Extends the life of razor blades when used for shaving.
  •  Skincare promoting benefits added pure essential oil blends (excepted for the   Unscented).
  •  Natural antibacterial, antiviral, and/or antimicrobial properties from added pure   essential oils
  •  Aromatherapy from pure essential oils
  •  Rinses clean and leaves no residue.
  •  Non-drying (great for daily multiple hand washes)
  •  Other uses customers have shared about are:
    • makeup removal
    • makeup brush cleaning
    • kids washable paint brush cleaning
    • glasses lens cleaning
    • mirror cleaning
    • dry/erase board cleaning,
    • cleaning sinks, toilets, and bathtubs when other products were not available.

For most effective washing, we should wet our hands or body, remove hands step out of the water to apply foam soap and work in to a lather. 

Because the foam washes away so easily.

So, get wet, lather up, and then rinse afterwards.


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