Travel Size Men's Shave & Shower Foam

Travel Size Men's Shave & Shower Foam

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Mrs. B made this 2 oz. foaming hand & body soap to provide good cleansing while putting  moisture back in to the skin with added skin healing benefits from essential oils. 

Effective October 20, 2021:  To avoid triggering any nut allergies,  Mrs. B discontinued using Sweet Almond Oil in the formulation.  If Sweet Almond Oil is preferred,  please text 614-434-8508 to let Mrs. B know to make your order with it instead of with Vegetable Glycerin. 

This product comes in an 8 oz. foaming pump dispenser.

Refills available.

Released June 2021.

Also available in 2 oz. travel size and 10 oz. refills.