History of Mrs. B's Donate A Soap (Now Donate)

History of Mrs. B's Donate A Soap (Now Donate)

Blessings and Peace to Y'all!


As many of you know, Mrs. B's Homemade Creations LLC is one of my gifts that God entrusted me to steward.


I want to share something which has been on my heart since about the time I launched Mrs. B's Homemade Creations LLC in November 2020.


I would love to be able to utilize this gift to help those less fortunate via local outreach efforts by donating my travel size Moisturizing Hand & Body Soaps but I realize I do need assistance to be able to do so.


I know I could easily go to the local Dollar Tree and buy some cheap products to donate that could possibly contain ingredients that could be more harmful than good.


But that wouldn't line up with my personal ethics. 


Those who know me know that I am a proponent of taking care of ourselves and also knowing what we are putting in and on our bodies.


My late mother taught me by example to give back,  even while we ourselves lived in poverty and needed assistance.


I want to do this to honor God who blessed me, honor my late mother's memory of her serving in the community with what she had, and to uplift someone else. 


So with that being said, I am soliciting your prayers for this outreach and that you prayerfully consider partnering with me to be more of a blessing to others in need -- starting in the Columbus, Ohio area.


To partner with me, all that is requested is that during your shopping with me, that you add a donation to your checkout.


Each donation received through my online store or directly with me will allow me to make and donate natural product to a local outreach to help those in need.

If you would like to partner with me in these efforts and want to Donate you can click anywhere you see Donate.


You will find Donate under the Collections menu and in the Shop on my online store.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you again for all of your prayers, time, love, and support of my small business!


Update 10/8/2021:  Donate A Soap is now just Donate due to the expansion of my product offerings since starting my business. Going forward all donations will provide the means for me to make and donate Body Care and Home & Office Cleaning products.

Yours Truly,

Laura Branham AKA Mrs. B

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