About Mrs. B

December 2020







October 2021


Welcome and Hello!

I am Mrs. Laura Branham, owner of Mrs. B's Homemade Creations LLC!

I am a wife, mother, bonus mother, and grandmother.

I am also a full-time career working woman where I am blessed to serve others over the last decade.

In November 2020, I took a leap of faith to start Mrs. B’s Homemade Creations LLC after a couple of nudges through one of my daughters and a cousin.

They told me that I needed to quit playing around and start selling my products because it will benefit more people. 

I had been making homemade products throughout the years.

In 2020 when the Ohio Stay At Home Order was about to go in effect and while my husband was recovering from his fourth major back surgery, I started to research more about natural alternatives for my household.

I also was looking to help reduce expenses in addition to wanting to know what is in our products that we are putting in, on, or around our bodies.

I, personally, started the transition away from chemical-based products in 2015 after we experienced three miscarriages while trying to conceive.

All my medical tests came back showing that I was still healthy and should be able to have children again plus I was eating cleaner too.

My OB/Gyn would keep saying there shouldn't be anything preventing me from conceiving and my husband's previous wellness tests came back normal. 

I began to think that if my medical tests showed I am fine then there must be some external factors.

I then recognized during that time, I was constantly cleaning our home with strong chemicals, which we were inhaling the fumes of and some of which was absorbing into my skin.

We used to always burn candles,  spray commercial air fresheners,  used fragrance oil products, and we just bought whatever kitty litter was on sale back then. 

In 2016, we were blessed with our miracle and rainbow baby -- our promised child, a boy.

My immediate family has different skin concerns that I wanted to cater to when I started making my homemade moisturizing hand and body soap, including the following: diagnosed sensitive skin, diagnosed eczema, dry skin, acne prone skin and tinea versicolor.

Since my homemade products made with natural ingredients have helped us, I am now sharing to help others because I am a proponent of being good stewards of our bodies.

I want to help others help themselves for their health and wellness with what God has blessed me to learn about and create.