Carpet Deodorizer

This is made with aluminum free baking soda and natural essential oils and can be used as:

  • Deodorizing room spray mix (mix with filtered water and spray like air freshener, fabric refresher, car freshener),
  • Carpet Deodorizer before vacuuming, or
  • Laundry fabric deodorizer or softener.

Safe to use on furniture, fabrics, and upholstery.

Safe around children and pets.

This product can serve as a bulk refill mix for Mrs. B's 2 oz. Travel Size Deodorizing Room & Auto Spray and can be used in a Continuous Spray Misting Spray Bottle of Deodorizing Room & Auto Spray.


Room & Auto spray:  Add a half to one teaspoon of deodorizing room spray mix to a clean (8 oz. or larger) empty continuous spray/misting spray bottle.  Add distilled or purified water.  Place the spray nozzle and give it a good shake to fully dissolve the mix. 

Auto Spray Refill:  Mix 2 oz. distilled or filtered water with about ¼ teaspoon of mix and refill your previously purchased Mrs. B’s auto spray bottle.

Carpet Deodorizer:  Sprinkle on to carpet and allow to sit about 15 minutes to deodorize before vacuuming.

Laundry:  Pour into washing machine before adding detergent and clothes then wash as usual.



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