Hanging Car Freshener Diffuser Jar, Refillable

This was Mrs. B's solution to go cold turkey from using conventional chemical based car fresheners.

Using a concept is very similar to reed stick diffusers in a mini vase, Mrs. B decided to use diffuser jars to bring the benefits of aromatherapy and natural fragrance to our small spaces like cars, closets, our even to have at our desks in our offices. 

In the jars, a carrier oil (grapeseed or sweet almond oil) is mixed with essential oils to extend the life of the aromaterapy fragrance. 

Using essential oils alone is not recommended due to faster evaporation much like when using an oil diffuser. 

The wooden lid with the string acts as the diffuser of the essential oil for an aromatherapy fragrance to be released in our small spaces.

1) After purchase shake well.

2) Carefully remove the plastic plug from under the wooden lid on the jar while avoiding spillage of the oils.

3) Secure the wooden lid on to the jar. 

4) Turn the jar upside down to allow the oils to saturate the lid.  The lid will darken when wet.

5) Once the lid is saturated as desired, then bring the jar upright.

6) Mount in desired location with air circulation using the strings (e.g. hanger hook in the car or behind the rear view mirror if legal -- varies by state).

7) As the wooden lid dries over time and the aromatherapy scent weakens, repeat steps 4 - 5 until contents are gone.

If you have your own essential oils, feel free to add more with a carrier oil.

If you are local to Mrs. B, refills are available by contacting Mrs. B.


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