Natural Toothpaste


Mrs. B started making natural tooth soap in May 2020 for her household using coconut oil, castile soap, and essential oils. 

In January 2021, after seven months of using tooth soap, Mrs. B received a custom order request for a natural toothpaste with the same ingredients as in the tooth soap, but to add baking soda.

After making that custom order, Mrs. B, her family and friends gave that toothpaste a try for three months and found their teeth and mouths were healthier than with the tooth soap.

In May 2021, Mrs. B released Natural Toothpaste as a regular product in airless pumps..

In August 2021, after receiving feedback that the airless pumps were clogging, Mrs. B revised the toothpaste recipe and start offering the toothpaste in Malibu tubes.


Available in Plain and Strawberry flavors (also in Citrus Free versions).


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