Custom Orders Consultation Fee

Custom Orders Consultation Fee

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If there is a natural alternative that you may be looking for that Mrs. B doesn't currently offer, you can book a 15 minute consultation with her to discuss your needs and she can do the research and see if it's something she can make for you. 

This deposit will go towards the purchase of your custom order. 

If you decide not to order, the deposit covers the 15 minute consultation and is then non-refundable.

Items I've made as custom orders include:

  • Roll on deodorant
  • Dark spot scrub for skin
  • Household insect repellent/killer
  • Solid deodorant with specific ingredients to help reverse adverse effects from commercial natural deodorant usage
  • Vinegar free glass cleaner
  • Bone broths with alkaline herbs and veggies
  • Shampoo
  • Leave in conditioner

Some previous custom orders are now regular products!