Spring '24 Sampler Pack
Spring '24 Sampler Pack
Spring '24 Sampler Pack

Spring '24 Sampler Pack

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Not sure what to buy from all of Mrs. B's listed offerings? 

Well, this Sampler Pack allows you to try four of Mrs. B's original products.

This is great for on the go, in the gym bag, or to have on hand in the car!

This Sampler Pack includes one of each of the following:

  • 1  Zippered Portable Toiletry Bag
  • 1 fl. oz. Natural Foam Soap Sample (Option A - Unscented or Option B - Uplifting/Energizing Blend made with Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary essential oils) 
  • 1 fl. oz. Natural All Purpose Cleaner Sample w/ Lavender Eucalyptus Orange Tea Tree essential oils.
  • 1 fl. oz. Natural Disinfectant Spray Sample Tea Tree, Lavender, Lemon, and Thyme essential oils and Ethanol instead of Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • 1 oz. Natural Carpet Deodorizer Sample with Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Tea Tree essential oils. 

Made with natural and organic ingredients without any preservatives or chemicals. 

Spring '24 Sampler Pack